At Hotaru we challenge our imagination to go further in every opportunity you give us. We materialize ideas contributing our experience and creativity. We relate to the art world so that each proposal has a special touch that can leave a mark. For this we work with rigor in the planning, development and execution of the projects, taking care of the detail, in every part of the process. Our team is made up of professionals from different fields – managers, producers, creatives, artists, and technicians. We are responsible for carrying out any intervention seeking exclusive solutions to all the challenges we face. This multidisciplinary combination allows us to assume both the artistic, logistics and executive part of any production. We like to look after the smallest details and turn ideas into unique experiences. We treat each creation as a one-off piece of work that takes us day to day to solve new challenges.

Hotaru is held to values of equity regarding gender, race, and sexual identity. We are committed to sustainability, we seek a balance between economic growth, respect for the environment and social welfare. We promote the creation of jobs with sustainable employment and economic conditions by ensuring conciliation. We take care of all the gestures that are part of our creation processes and can affect climate change or damage the natural environment. We work with local providers who share this sustainable vision and we prioritise small and medium-sized enterprises.

Creation of Experiences

We like to exceed expectations and turn events into unique and memorable moments. We materialize the proposals giving life to empty rooms, creating atmospheres and building personalized experiences for each moment. The range of events and settings that we cover, goes from delicate and unique small jewels to large productions, offering excellence, experience and excitement. Our direct link with the audiovisual, technology and the artistic world allows us to offer multisensory and immersive experiences.

Executive Production

Vision without execution is just a hallucination. Our team with a long history in management and organization of corporate, social, sporting and cultural events, endorses us as a guarantee of success in the face of any professional challenge. We take care of the integral management guaranteeing a customized execution championing the quality and the personalized treatment. By controlling the organisation of the event from start to finish, we streamline processes and optimize all services.


We create, produce and edit all kinds of audiovisual pieces, whether corporate videos, advertising, video clips, TV series, fashion films or documentaries. We create audiovisual content for your event adapting to the different needs of each project. We offer the integral recording of the entire event with the final delivery of a video that is linked to the experience created for its subsequent dissemination in social networks and marketing campaigns.